Mitchell Fund 
My Compositions
Most of my compositions are vocal music and is heavily influenced by renaissance and minimalist music. All my music is free to download and use, though I'd love if you'd contact me to let me know if you are planning to use or perform it!

Several of the pieces also have piano reductions and study files to aid in learning the music. There are a lot of individual files accompanying the ensemble pieces. Just contact me and I'll get those to you. 


Choral Music

Let Them Sleep 

SATB - English - 3:15
This beautiful piece is about trying to protect those we care about from the darker realities of life. 


Super Flumina Babylonis

SATB and Piano - Latin - 3:00
This relatively uncommon text about the sorrow that comes from being separated from your homeland is set against a very minimalist and haunting piano background. Quite Powerful. 


In Those Fields

SATB - English - 2:30
A rather poignant piece about a farmer's late years.


Post Tenembras Spero Lucem

SATB - Latin
"After Darkness There Is Light"
This is a three movement work with pieces based around light.
O Nata Lux - 2:00
A very minimalist with unsteady time changes based off the text.
Surge Illuminare - 3:00  
Dance like with a focus on the tenor and alto parts. 
Lux Aeterna - 3:45
Soft but with an exciting climax. 
Works great as a suite or individually! 


Tristis Est Anima Mea

SATB or TTBB and Organ (Piano) - Latin - 3:45
Acapella until the organ enters excitingly halfway through. A TTBB version is also available. 



SATB - English - 3:00
A funny piece about the first flight of an over-dramatic baby bird. 


O Vos Omnes

SSB SAATTB - Latin - 4:30 
This rather difficult piece is built using an old renaissance technique called a prolation canon. The 2nd choir is entirely based off of a single theme that is played at 1/8, 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 the speed in the other voices. The 1st choir supports it with free material. This piece won several composition awards across the US. 


Piano and Organ Music

The Homecoming

Piano - Intermediate - 3:15
Fast, fun, and in 5/8!


The Spring Thaw

Easy Piano - 2:30
Soft and beautiful with moving dissonances. 


Three Pieces For Organ
Coming soon! :-)

Ensemble Music

Motet for Winds (Woodwind Sextet)

2 Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn - 2:30
This piece is based off a renaissance vocal form called a motet. It was religious in nature and was sometimes performed by instruments. It uses authentic renaissance music theory and won several composition contests. 

Demoisille Crane (Flute Choir)

Flute Choir - 3:30
This piece about sadness, loss, and acceptance takes it's name from the Demoisille Crane which mates for life.

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