Mitchell Fund 
Piano, Drums, and Songwriting/Composition Lessons
Music is fun, so why should music lessons be any different? When I teach, we start with the basics and move our way up through a core program of skills, techniques, and songs. Mean while, we can learn songs that the students want to learn and work on goals that students themselves set, (such as getting in a band or playing a certain song). This keeps music lessons enjoyable and also keeps them from getting stagnant. Each lesson changes based on what the student wants. 

I teach all-ages. I have taught from age 4 to age 80+. Anyone can learn to play an instrument! That being said, drums are very hard to teach before age 8, and most students that haven't been in kindergarten have a difficult time being able to focus for a whole half hour so we'll usually start with a 15 - 20 minute lesson and slowly raise it until they can handle the entire half hour. 

Many adults seem to think that learning a new instrument is only for the kids, however, it's never to late to learn a new instrument. I have adults who, after lessons, now play in rock bands and can play beautiful classical music. 

I also teach group drum circle classes. Drum circles are relaxing and quite fun - great for any occasion. House/office parties, weddings, or just a group get together. No musical experience required. I provide the instruments and instruction on how to use them, traditional world rhythms, and how to participate in drum circles anywhere you go!

I have been teaching since 2005 privately and at several private and public schools including Dace's Rock 'n' More Music Academy, Grass Lake Elementary, Ballard High School, and Green River Community College. 

My rates:

$150 per month for a weekly half hour lesson spot.
For multiple students or a longer lesson, add $60 a month for each additional 15 minute lesson spot. 

Single Lessons - $50 per half hour

This is a list of what I teach:


Drums, Kit, and Percussion

Rock and Funk 
Orchestral and/or Marching Band
Drum Circle Classes
Jazz and Latin 
Hand drums and World Rhythms 

Theory and Composition
Music Theory 
Classical Composition 

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